The First “IEEE Fellow Academic Forum” Held at UCAS

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The first “IEEE Fellow Academic Forum” has been organized on May 8th, 2014 by IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS) Beijing Chapter Student Branch at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences(UCAS). This academic forum mainly consists of an academic report from Prof. Jiancheng Shi and interview with him, an IEEE fellow, known for his research in hydrological cycle by remote sensing.

In the beginning, professor Shi delivered a talk titled “Introduce to the Global Water Cycle Observation Mission (WCOM)”, which focuses on the analysis of the available remote sensor configurations and the important observation elements for a better understanding of the global climate change. At the end of the report, it was summarized that the thematic or integrated satellite systems cannot fulfill the global observation of hydrological cycle in the current. The “WCOM” program, as the first exploration plan for earth science in China, is of crucial importance and it gained strong support, when proposed by the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI) as well as National Space Science Center(NSSC), Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Afterwards, an interview was conducted between Prof. Shi and Mrs. Mingrui Huang, vice chair of the Strategy Planning Department of RADI as well as the representatives of the students. Prof. Shi told us the oversea education in America during his youth is a great experience. The culture differences and the different education approaches have broadened his horizons, making him think and solve problems independently. He reminded us that perseverance is the key in our academic career when coming across problems. In addition, he also encouraged us to cultivate our interests in different fields while we devote ourselves to one specific research direction.

At the end of the activity, Wang Li, the secretary-general of the this student branch, introduced the organization of the student branch and appealed students to register the IEEE student members with a scheme of financing aid. Bin Peng, the founding president of the branch, chaired this activity and nearly 40 students from different institutes have taken part in this forum. This activity, supported by State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science, IEEE Beijing Chapter, IEEE GRSS Student Branch of UCAS, Strategy Planning Department and Graduate Union of the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, is conducive to the exchanges and communications among different academic fields .

IEEE GRSS Beijing Chapter student branch at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) is a newborn student branch, which was founded in July, 2013 and is affiliated with Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI) of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The goal of this branch is to foster both the academic and professional interactions between local student members and IEEE, especially IEEE Geo-science and Remote Sensing.